5 style secrets to steal from French women

Let’s be honest here – French women have that je ne sais quoi when it comes to style. After 10 years of living in the City of Lights, I quietly observed these très chic Parisian women and picked up some great insider tips along the way. If you are wondering how they do it, you are not alone. Follow these 5 style secrets and you will be on your way to becoming French yourself! Oh là là!

1. Less is more

Qualities such as ‘understated’ and ‘effortless’ often come to mind when thinking about French style. French women prefer quality over quantity. Find essential pieces that work for you and most definitely stay away from trends. French women are experts in drawing attention to their personal style they have created around their key clothing and accessory choices rather than focusing on what brands they should be wearing.

photo source: laetitiaetsondressing.tumblr.com via Pinterest

2. Invest in a Breton striped shirt

Okay, this sounds cliché but it is so true! It goes so well with a pair of skinny jeans and flats and not only is it an effortless outfit to throw together, but it looks très cool. Perfect for a lazy brunch with friends, seeing that latest art exhibition or just doing the grocery shopping! A staple for all occasions.
photo source: wearingittoday.blogspot.com via Pinterest

3. Choose shoes wisely

All the French women I know wear the most amazing shoes. In Paris everyone walks everywhere, so super high heels are really not seen very often. Good quality ankle boots and flats are a must-have for the French and go with pretty much every outfit you can put on!
 photo source: listspirit.com via Pinterest

4. The importance of underwear

French women like to be stylish in every part of their wardrobe. They prefer to feel sexy over looking sexy and love to wear beautiful lingerie every day, even if no one else gets to see it. French women love to invest in themselves because they know they’re worth it! Go on ladies, don’t hesitate next time you want to buy some beautiful lingerie. It is worth it because you’re worth it!
photo source: yse-lingerie.com via Pinterest

5. Be natural, be you

You won’t see French women wearing oodles of makeup. They understand that looking after their skin is key to being beautiful. Drinking lots of water and using good products (mostly bought from the pharmacy!) are the foundations of their beauty regime. Makeup is used to highlight one area – either the eyes or lips and never the two together.
photo source: Astuces de filles via Pinterest
And voilà, that is our secret style guide to finding your inner French! Do you have any other tips to share? We would love to hear them!
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