5 ways to live large in a small space

Let’s be honest. As much as we admire those fancy Paris apartments with high ceilings, herringbone parquetry floorboards, decorative mouldings and LOTS of space, the majority of Parisians (myself included for many years!) live in small studio apartments, that quite frankly have barely enough room to swing a cat! Small apartments, however, are not isolated to cities such as Paris, New York or Tokyo. Studio apartment living is on the rise right here in Sydney and Melbourne. It’s not all bad though and you can certainly do much more than you think to feel like your home is bigger than it actually is.

If you live in a studio, read on to find out how to live large in a small space.

1. Choose Light Hues 

(Image by Noir Blanc Un Style)

The French love white at home. The lighter the colour, the bigger your room will feel and look. If you are afraid of making your place too sterile, you don’t need to go stark white. Other colours such as pale grays and cream work too.

2. Think Mirrors 

(Image by Coté Maison)

Mirrors are essential if you live in small quarters. Choose something beautiful and make it a statement piece. Lean it against your wall or on top of a fire place if you’re lucky enough to have one and you will immediately create the sense of more space.

3. Go Vertical

(Image by Timothy Bell via Luxe and Domino)

Your walls are not just for art! Think high shelves up from the floor to ceiling. This will draw the eye upwards giving the impression your room is much bigger than it actually is and bonus, it’s also a great way to add storage.

4. Off the Ground

  (Image by West Elm via Wonder Forest)

Have your furniture such as sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and entertainment units raised off the ground. This lets light filter through and gives the illusion of more space!

5. Pick the Perfect Rug

(Image by West Elm)

The right rug will make your studio feel spacious. Think big as a small rug will imbalance your room. A rug can also split your small apartment, making it appear like you have separate spaces.

And what are your tips for creating the illusion of more space in a studio apartment? We’d love to hear them!



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